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Details of Contract for various categories of services.
List of Employees as on 1st January 2015
S.No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Sunil Kumar Khattri Director
2. Dr. Praveen Singh Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Senior Resident
4. Dr. Sonia Dhaka Senior Resident
5. Dr. Santosh M. Narayankar Senior Resident
6. Dr. Akshya Purohit Senior Resident
7. Dr. Abhinav Verma Senior Resident
8. Dr. Rohit Sharma Senior Resident
9. Dr. Ratendra Pal Singh Senior Resident
10. Dr. Ankush Pandit Junior Resident
11. Dr. Asutosh Kumar Junior Resident
12. Sachin Kumar Technician
13. Sidhhartha Rozer Yunas Technician
14. Shweta Mittal Technician
15. Kamakshi Malik Bahri PS
16. Shweta Nambiar LDC
17. Nusrat Parveen Technician
18. Saurabh Varshney Pharmacist
19. Mohit Sain Lab Assistant
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