Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital

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(An Autonomous Post-Graduate Institute)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Tahirpur, Delhi - 110093

Blood Bank Services

Department of Blood Centre, RGSSH

Blood centre at Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality hospital located in Tahirpur area of North East region of Delhi caters to the blood demands and needs of people of trans-Yamuna and adjoining border area of Delhi and UP. Initially functioning as only Blood storage centre, it now provides Whole Blood and Blood Components like PRBC, FFP, Platelets (Random donor) and Apheresis (Single Donor platelet, leukocyte and plasmapheresis) to all in-house patients from all the departments of RGSSH as well as outside patients from both Govt and Non- Govt Hospitals and Nursing Homes.

Blood Centre in its nascent stage started off as Blood Storage Centre from 2016 with Guru TegBahadur Hospital (GTBH) as Mother Blood Bank.  In 2021, Licence for collection storage and processing of Whole Human Blood for distribution and sale was received wherein phlebotomy was newly introduced in the department.

Many in – house and outside Blood Donation Camps were organised successfully and are still the norm. Blood centre also actively participates in other activities like teaching sessions, with and sometimes without guest lecturers, festivities and birthday celebrations to maintain the zeal of staff members at work place.

With cumulative and countless efforts by The Head of the Department, Resident doctors, all the technical and nursing staff, Licence for Blood Component preparation (PRBC, FFP and Random donor platelet) and Apheresis (Platelet and Plasma) was obtained in 2023.

With the advent of Blood Component preparation, Blood Centre of RGSSH is now competent enough to not only cater to the Blood needs of patients admitted in RGSSH but keeps getting requests from other renowned Government & Private Hospitals, Blood Centres, something to be really proud of!!! 

Blood Centre has laid down its Quality Policy and Blood Centre, Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital is committed to: –

  • Providing International Class Blood Centre services to all our patients ensuring Medical & Service Excellence.
  • Enhancement of Professional Knowledge of all blood Centre staff.
  • To provide safe blood.
  • Continual improvement
  • Complying with Statutory Regulations & maintaining highest Ethical Standards.
  1. Name of the faculty member along with the designation –

         Dr. Chhavi Gupta

        (Clinical Head, Blood Centre, RGSSH)

Services Available

  1. Provide state of art Blood Centre facilities with provision of all state of art equipment from manufacturers of repute.
  2. To Screen all Donors by careful medical history and as per requirements of NACO and standards of Blood Centre.
  3. Provide reliable test result adhering to stringent internal quality control protocols and regular participation in External Quality Assurance Programme.
  4. To define and monitor all quality indicators.
  5. Continuous improve patient satisfaction by monitoring of complaints and suggestions
  6. Continuously improve quality and patient’s satisfaction
  7. Monitor and adhere to laid down standards in drug and cosmetic rules
  8. Phlebotomy procedures, processing of blood units and issue of Whole Blood and Blood Components available (screened for Transfusion Transmissible infections like HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis, Malaria)
  9. Apheresis (Plateletpheresis&Plasmapheresis)
  10. Blood Grouping & Cross Matching
  11. Special Tests – DCT & ICT

Photograph of the Department of Blood Centre