Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital

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(An Autonomous Post-Graduate Institute)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Tahirpur, Delhi - 110093

Imaging & Radiology Services

Department of Radiology

The Department of radiology at RGSSH is a completely digital department catering to all super specialities at RGSSH. At present we are offering X ray, special investigations like barium studies etc., Ultrasound, Doppler Ultrasound, CT scan services and basic interventions like FNAC, biopsy, drainage procedures to the patients. We have state of art equipment’s for carrying out the above work.  These equipment’sinclude:

  1. 1000mA Digital radiography
  2. Portable Digital Radiography
  3. High End Doppler Ultrasound
  4. 256 Slice CT scan

Above equipment’s are best in their category and high-quality images enable us to provide a very accurate information about the disease. This information is very critical for the treating doctors to prescribe correct medicines and plan complicated surgeries for best possible outcome.

Future addition to the department is in pipeline and we are in process to acquire 1000 mA radio fluoroscopy equipment and high-end MRI on public private partnership basis. Addition of these equipment will complete the diagnostic armamentarium at our hospital and in house radiological care shall be available to all the patients. We also plan to carry out advanced intervention in near future.

One of the distinctive features of our department is that we do studies of most of our patients on the same day. Only the patients which need special preparation like overnight fasting are given appointment for the next day. The turnaround time for Xray, Ultrasound, doppler is immediate, CT scan reports are mostly done within 24 hours, in addition to giving the digital copies in a CD and DVD on the same day. This has facilitated quick decision and treatment in sick patients.

The department is going to start post graduate courses in radiology from this academic year with two DNB students every year. Efforts are on to start MD course in Radio diagnosis in near future.


(Dr. Vikas Dogra)

Assistant Professor &
Head, School of Pulmonology &
Clinical Head of Department of Radiology
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Medicine),
D.M. (Pulmonary Medicine)