Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital

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(An Autonomous Post-Graduate Institute)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Tahirpur, Delhi - 110093



The Department of Pathology is one of the important pillars of the RGSSH, Delhi andhas shown a tremendous growth since 2016. It not only plays crucial role in patient care but also assists the clinicians in early detection of cancers and making optimal decisions in the treatment management of the patients based on latest diagnostic services.  We ensure that each patient receives care that is safe, effective, efficient, timely equitable and patient centered. Our aim is to produce accurate, reliable and timely analysed results to achieve and maintain an effective quality management system and ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements. The department has state of art infrastructure with installation of technically advanced equipment’s. The department also functions as a teaching department for DNB (primary and secondary), Post graduate MD Pathology student’s ad DMLT students. Our department is actively involved in various integrated teachingprogrammes, research, academic activities and hands on worshops.

Infrastructure and Location

The Department of pathology is situated in 4thFloor, 7th Block

  1. There are separate sections each for the following factions-
    • Haematology & Clinical Pathology
    • Surgical Pathology & Cytology
    • Immunohistochemistry, frozen section and liquid based cytology
    • Sample collection Room
  2. Slide Seminar Room – There is slide seminar room, fitted with LED TV and other audio visual aids with a seating capacity of 20 students.
  3. Departmental Library – The departmental library has over 30 books.
  4. D. FNAC room


List of Tests done in Hematology and Clinical Pathology:

Hematology& Clinical PathologySurgical Pathology and Cytology
HematologyCoagulation StudiesClinical PathologyHistopathologyCytology
HB / HemoglobinPartial ThromboPlastin Time (PTT) Routine Urine and Microscopy Biopsy Small (up to 3 cm)Fluids (Ascitic fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, synovial fluid, peritoneal fluid and CSF)
TLC/Total Leucocyte countProthrombin Time (PT)ColourBiopsy Medium (4-10 cm)Fluid for malignant cell
RBC/Red Blood cell countPlasma fibrinogenTurbidityBiopsy LargeFluid cytology for AFB stain
PCV/HematocritFactor VIII assaySpecific gravityBiopsy RadicalUrine for malignant cell
Platelet countD-dimerUrobilinogen Biopsy for AFB StainSputum for malignant cell
MCHProtein CBilirubinFrozen Section Imprint cytology
MCHCAntithrombin IIIKetoneIHCCell block
MCV Protein SNitriteSlide & Block for ReviewBrochio-alveolar cytology
DLCProteinSpecial stainsBronchial aspirate
ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation
GlucoseTrans bronchial Needle
Peripheral Smear for atypical cell/malaria parasiteBloodUltrasound guided needle cytology
Reticulocyte Count (Retic)LeucocytesLiquid Based Cytology
A.E.C. (Absolute Eosinophil Count)RBCCytology slides for review
-Special stains
Absolute Neutrophil CountWBC


The Department provides training to postgraduate senior resident in various fields of pathology. The laboratory is equipped with double and multi-head microscopes as well as digital pathology system for teaching and consultation. The department also hosts inter/intra-departmental presentations, CMEs, hands on training and workshops to help abreast with latest developments in various subspecialties. Moving forward in this direction, in the year 2022 NBEMS awarded 02 DNB candidates (01 post MBBS and 01 post diploma). The department now functions as a teaching department for both DNB students and Post graduate students. The department is also actively involved in various research and academic programmes.
The department conducts Inter and Intradepartmental seminars, Journal club, subject seminars, gross and slide seminars for the post graduates.

  • Histopathology, Cytology and Haematology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Frozen section
  • Special stains
  • Fine needle aspiration cytology
  • Liquid based cytology
  • Flow cytometry
  • Grossing techniques and reporting

The Department of Pathology at Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital has been a pioneer in the field of pathology since its inception and we will always remain a leadinginnovator in research, service and education by offering state of the art patient care services in corporating advanced diagnostic methods.

The Hematology and Clinical Pathology section is the only government setup in East Delhi that is performing all tests using state of the art fully automated analysers. About 4,00,000 tests (peripheral blood) and 1,00,000 tests (urine) are processed each year. We are also equipped with flowcytometric analyser for immunophenotyping of leukaemia and lymphomas. Since 2021, this section is now NABL accredited with certificate number (MC- 4709); Issue Date (15/09/2021).

In the section of Surgical pathology and Cytology, over 1500-2000 specimens (which includes small biopsies, medium biopsies, large specimens, radical specimens as well as review slides/blocks) and 2000-2500 cytology samples (Body fluids, FNACs, cytological specimens obtained from respiratory tract, urinary tract and GI tract) are processed and reported each year. Faculty provides their expert opinions on referred cases from other hospitals. Our laboratory is also providing with all kinds of ancillary diagnostic services which includes frozen sections, Immunohistochemical analyses of various malignancies, liquid based cytology (LBC), cell block preparations and special stains which are done on a routine basis.

The department strives to excel and offer expert consultation and quality patient care in sub-specialties of histopathology, cytopathology, haematology and clinical pathology, besides providing teaching to medical students and relate its importance with clinical findings through an integrated approach.The department is also involved in various research programmes, at present involved in funded ICMR research projects in collaboration with Amity university Noida.


The department is looking forward to develop a Molecular Pathology Section (FISH/PCR), whole slide imaging and storage facility, telepathology, fellowship programmes in GI Pathology and Uropathology, CAP accreditation and various student exchange programmes with reputed international and national universities.

Sno. Name of Faculty/StaffDesignation Years of Experience
1Dr Mona Bargotya (MBBS, MD Pathology)Head of Department15 years
2Dr Payel Das (MBBS, MD Pathology) Assistant Professor07 years

A. 06 post graduate MD students (Senior Residents)
B. 02 primary DNB students
C. 01 secondary DNB student

  1. There are about 40-45 publications in various indexed national and international journals.
  2. Excelled with many prize winning oral and poster presentations.
  3. Department of Pathology has successfully organized CME as well as multiple training hands on training and workshops onmany subjects.
  4. Involved in ICMR projects